Q: What is the vison of The Gates of Iceloch?

A: We are a fun, friendly, semi-vanilla SMP server. More geared towards SMP than PvP. Though PvP is allowed. Think Hermitcraft style.

Q: What is "Hermitcraft"?

A: From the Wiki: "Hermitcraft is a whitelist-only community of popular Youtubers and streamers who collaborate on a vanilla Java Minecraft server of the same name." For more information on Hermitcraft, check their website.

Q: Someone is griefing/harassing me! What can I do?

A: If someone is griefing or harassing you, the first thing you should do is bring it to the attention of staff. If no staff is online, ping them on Discord. You can also use /ignore to block their chat. The worst thing you can do is to respond to them.

Q: Is there an economy plugin?

A: Sort of. There is no economy in terms of EssentialsEco, Vault, etc. In order to keep it as close to vanilla as possible, we have decided to use MineXchange. More information about MineXchange is available HERE

Q: Do you have X plugin installed? Will you install it?

A: Information about available commands can be found HERE. And perhaps, talk to the staff, and if we decide it's a good fit, theres a good chance it will be added.

Q: Can I have rank or be Staff?

A: There are no ranks on Gates of Iceloch other than staff ranks. And we are currently not looking for any more staff members. We appreciate your interest though!